Passion for web3

Web3 takes web2 to a higher level. In web2 free usage came at the prize of signing away your privacy and data. Web3 corrects that and besides putting you back in charge of your personal data, web3 also promises direct ownership of decentralized digital and real assets.

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Dedicated to decentralisation

Our background in traditional finance, our entrepreneurial independence and experience as founders and engineers allow us to offer a professional, reliable validating and staking service to the Celo Community. Our adherence to the highest requirements for validators will secure recurring, uninterrupted rewards to our clients. In addition of being a validator on Celo we assess and develop exciting new protocols for the Celo Community.  

Strong Mission Alignment: Financial Inclusion and Prosperity for Everyone

Celo's blockchain and community stands out in how it demonstrates real-world use cases to create the conditions for prosperity for everyone.  That resonates strongly with us. To support our shared mission we give 10% of our validator rewards to non-profit community causes via ImpactMarketimpactmarket.c, a decentralized P2P universal basic income solution built on top of Celo. 

Key Stats

atweb3 started it’s validation for the Celo Blockchain on October 8th, 2022 (at the Epoch #898 and at Block #15517440). The following statistics are a testimony of our achievement:



atweb3 rank amongst the active celo validator groups



celo community votes delegated to atweb3

Uptime Score


reflecting atweb3’s performance tracked by the Celo protocol

Impact Market Contribution

2.192 cUSD

contributions by atweb3 validator rewards to ImpactMarket

Validated Blocks


atweb3 selected to validate since Oct 8th 2022

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We adhere to the highest requirements for validators particularly on security and performance. To continuously improve our technological set-up we follow newest developments and are member of the European Blockchain Association.

Highly Available Infrastructure

We provide outstanding standards of security through redundant infrastructure and connectivity, failover systems, 24/7 monitoring, and a top-tier data-center.

Non-Custodial Staking

You are always in complete control of your private keys and funds throughout the staking processes. You are free to undelegate or withdraw your funds following Celo’s 3 day’s lock-up period.

Stable & Safe Jurisdiction

We are registered and based in Vienna, Austria.

Answers To

Question & answer

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.


What is Proof-of-Stake?

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is a consensus algorithm used for the generation of new blocks. It requires validators (special nodes running the blockchain) to stake the network's native token in order to propose and/or validate new blocks and ultimately earn rewards. A stake may be slashed by the network and thus disincentives bad behavior.

What is non-custodial staking?

Non-custodial staking refers to the process of using a validator’s infrastructure by delegating the capability to work for the blockchain and provide infrastructure to the blockchain and ultimately earn rewards by the blockchain network for doing so to someone else. This applies to every Proof-of-Stake token. Delegating tokens is not the same as sending tokens, because delegators do not transfer ownership in the token itself. The original holder remains the legal owner of the tokens at all times. Hence, the holder does not give up custody of his/her token.

Why should I stake my tokens?

Proof-of-Stake blockchains are inflationary as new tokens are rewarded for generating and validating new blocks. Token holders who are not engaging in the staking process - either by operating as a validator themselves or by delegating their tokens to validators and thus using the validator’s infrastructure - stand to lose out on rewards and see their assets getting diluted over time.

Are there risks associated with delegating my assets to atweb3?

Since we provide a non-custodial delegation service, we never have control over your assets. You are therefore always in full control of your assets and can withdraw the delegation at any time. By delegating to us, your assets are virtually added to our stake. The Celo protocol automatically transfers the rewards to your blockchain address. We offer a transparent service and operate industry-grade architecture in order to achieve our goal to always meet Celo’s service levels (e.g. no double signing; going offline etc.) and to avoid slashing.

Does atweb3 have access to my tokens?

Our validation services are non-custodial. We therefore have no access to your tokens at any point in time. It is simply impossible from a technical perspective. You maintain full control over your tokens at all times.
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